Writing Straight Lines Using a 'Stop'

 Straight Lines Using a ‘Stop’ for a Guide

Hello Again!

Today I’d like to discuss tips and tricks for addressing that perfect pen pal envelope! I found a long time ago that I don’t exactly write in a straight line. To combat this problem, I use what I call a ‘STOP’ when I write. It can be a thin piece of cardboard, the side of a credit card (I save the plastic post cards) an envelope or just anything that is thicker than a sheet of paper with a straight line. I’ve found a ruler is too thick.

For this example, I’ll use a used envelope. Line the used envelope edge up with the edge of your blank envelope. Start addressing the envelope letting the used envelope ‘stop’ your letters from going under the ‘line’. If you were to write Randy Griffin, the bottom of the ‘Y’ in Randy and the ‘FF’ in Griffin will only be half written.

Take the stop away when done with the entire line of text and finish those letters ‘y and 'ff’ below the line. This ensures a straight edge every time! I also use this method when I’m tired from writing letters and my handwriting is a little shaky. I just use a ‘stop’ when I write a letter (as well as the envelope) and WHAL - LAH! Straight line.

See you next time Pen Pallers!

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