Learning New Fonts for Addressing those Special Letters

Hello Everyone!

Today I’d like to talk to you about the endless possibilities of handwriting and fonts. I keep teaching myself new fonts and use them to address envelopes. It’s always a special treat to receive something that someone took that extra special time to make it stand out.

If you Google the words ‘free fonts’ a million choices come up. You can go to any of the websites and print out the lettering. Once you have your example sheet. PRACTICE.

This sparkle font (see link) is one of the easiest to draw. Since you’re only addressing an envelope you can use your printed sheet as a guide and tuck them away for future use.

 Gigi, Curlz, Kendric and Cool Dots  are also easy, fun fonts to learn.
http://www.sassysparkle.com/pages/fonts.htm  (link for Cool Dots)

During commercials, at the doctor’s office, practice, practice, practice writing a set or two of your new font. You don’t have to memorize them to use them. Because you’re not writing an entire letter in your new found font, it’s easy and quick to do lots of different fonts on different envelopes. All free to add that 'special touch' with a little practice.

Hope you have fun and enjoy the tip on new fonts!! Happy Pen Palling !

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