What is a Tuck In? What Should I Swap?

Some of the things you should NOT swap are as follows:

Torn, Bent, Dirty, Outdated, Smelly (smoke) cut, or tiny stickers.
Anything you received for free such as the stickers off the ends of your free Disabled American Vets Return Address Labels, Memo pads or Book Marks.
Everyone wants something that you'd like to receive too. Easy rule of thumb. That being said...


Tuck-ins are little surprises that made receiving a letter from you extra special!
A few cute memo sheets, stickers, post it's or colorful paperclips are very popular.
Friendship Books, Sticker Bags, Label Bags, Decos, Memo Bags and Goody Bags are also excellent choices!

Some Ideas for Swapping/Exchanges:

1: pot holders swap-send 2 potholders
2: personalized swap-send your partner 3 things with their name on
3: recipe cards-send your partner 5 recipe cards
4: initial mom fbs-send your partner 5 fbs, made themed with the
first letter of their name
5: kitchen swap-send your partner 3 things they could use in their
6: easter decorations-send your partner 3 things to decorate your
house for easter
7: assorted stationary-send your partner 20 sheets of stationary,
all different!
8: plush bunny swap-send your partner a plush easter bunny
9: book swap-send your partner a slightly used novel you own
10: confetti swap-send 2 pkgs of confetti to your partner
11: sanrio swap-4sheets stationary, 2 sheets of stickers and a
surprise all sanrio related
12: anything floral-send 3 things floral related
13: loose stickers-send your partner 50 loose stickers
14: swap inserts-send 10 to your partner
15: full container swap-send your partner a full container full of
easter related things
16: swap for hubby's-send your partners hubby 3 things you think he
would like
17: kids swap-send your partners child 1 coloring book, a book,
doodle paper and a pack of crayons from the dollar store
18: bookmark swap-send your partner 2 unused bookmarks
19: 20 est mom fbs
20: self care swap-send your partner 3 things for her to pamper
21: candle swap-send a nice candle to your partner
22: red/white/blue swap, send your partner one thing white, one
thing blue, one thing red
23: mouse pad-send one new mouse pad to partner
24: nail polish- send 2 new nail polishes to partner
25:address books-send 2 new address books from the dollar store

Tuck Ins!
Envelope 'Tuck In'  or Swap Ideas!

Address Labels

Air Fresheners

Art supplies

Beanie Baby Bears

Bland Recipe Cards

Blank journals

Blank note cards

Book marks

Brass stencils



Cancelled postage stamps


Cappichino packets


Cell Phone Charms


Cologne Samples


Cool pens

Craft Kit (bought or made by you! (print off small 3 color pattern for free on
the internet, add the 3 colors of embroidery thread and cut a little chunk of
aida cloth! Easy Simple Cheap FUN!)

Craft Kit: Everything to make a greeting card, Ribbon, Rubber Stamp that say's
Thank You…. A few stickers! WA LAH! Fun!

Craft Kit: Things to make a scrapbook page!

Detergent bottle `aprons' (for catching drips)

Does something unique happen in your home town? Clip news paper stories to add
to your letter


Dried fruit

Dry veggie dip packets

DVD of your Favorite Music, Game or Images!

Embroidery thread

Encouraging Notes

Envelopes of Hot Cider

Fancy Handkercheifs

Favorite Recipe

Flower Seeds

Free Coupons

Gift Cards

Gift Tags

Greeting Cards

Herbs (lavender)

Holiday Hot Mitt

Holiday Towels

Homemade CD with your favorite songs

Hot chocolate mix

Hot Cocoa

Jewelry (handmade bracelets)


Light rings (scented to put on your light bulbs)

Little Address Books (perfect for storing internet passwords)

Local folk lore or history, event pamphlets or a map of your town or a local

Magazine articles

Magnetic Bookmark


Magnet Sheets to make your own ($1. at the dollar store for a 5X7 sheet)



Postcard from a major attraction in your area

Oragami paper (print directions off the internet to include in the letter)






Pins (santa hat, reindeer, Holiday themed)


Post card from where you live (or have lived with a story about it)

Post it's

Postage Stamps


Rubber Stamps


Scrapbooking cut outs

Stationary Did you buy a 10 count package of cards but only have 5 people to
send to? Pass on the rest!


Sticks of gum

Stretchy Gloves 

Stuffed Animals (cute little ones)

Tea Bags (Flavored)

Tape your letter onto cassett instead of writing it!
Video Tape and introduce yourself! Have your Husband, Kids, Grandkids and pets
say HI! Show us your craft room! Are you working on a quilt? Making your own
Christmas cards!? Show us! Knitting scarves for Christmas Presents? Maybe even
give us a LESSON!


Flat Wind Chimes

Your favorite French's or McCormic brand Dinner seasoning packet from the
grocery store. If you 'doctor' it up.. Include the recipe you use!

Your Home town Recipe Book! (ship it media mail! EVERYONE loves these!)

Your Leftover Christmas Cards (already mail them to everyone but still think
they're cool? Pass them on!)

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