What is Crazy Mail?

Hello Everyone!

Today I’d like to tell you about crazy mail!

Crazy mail is the ultimate surprise to receive in your mail box. I have received some of these and it’s quite exciting for some reason to get something SO out of the ordinary!

Puzzle, Buy a puzzle at the dollar store and put it together, Carefully flip it over and write your letter on the back. Break it apart and put it back in the box to mail! It makes the perfect 2 in one gift!

Washed and sterile Coke Bottle/ Water Bottle.

Take your finished letter and roll it up so it fits into the mouth of a Plastic Coke Bottle with a  screw on lid. Tie ribbon on the letter and secure it with tape. Take the long end of the ribbon and leave it hanging outside the bottle. Add little trinkets, my pal put in little erasers, a pencil, lip smackers lip gloss, confetti, and colored paper clips. Once you have in the bottle what you want to send, drop the letter in and screw on the lid leaving the long end of your ribbon on the OUTSIDE of the bottle. Tape the ribbon end down on the outside of the bottle, while taping the top on secure. Take off the label and put on a mailing label. It’s a cute and unexpected way to mail a letter!

Buy a light colored bouncy ball at the dollar store. With a fine point Sharpie marker, write your letter on the ball! Put a big dark square around the address to make it easier for the post office. Remember, EVERYONE along the mail way will be able to read what you write… so keep it impersonal! LOL
That’s all for today~ Write in with your ideas for Crazy Mail!


  1. I am so going to have to try these fun crazy mailings!!

    <3 Rebecca

  2. i mailed off a waterbottle today. dave the oic at our post office loved it. made a great topic of conversation!

  3. @ Ria Cabral It is so much fun! Did your recipient get it yet? What did they think?