Decorating Special Envelopes!

Decorating Special Envies

Decorating an envelope is something special you can do for your pen pal. It’s exciting to get a letter that has been decorated with more than just a few stickers. As you browse my web page, you will find pictures of the mail I send. Not only are there Stickers, but I decorate them with Deco tape

 and some times when I’m feeling really creative, Zentangle!

 I always try to use a pre printed cute address label I find them on Ebay. My fav sellers are jayhawk1117 and niftylabel . I’ve purchased from both of these people and had good experiences with their products and service.

Using a colored envelope is also a good way to add pizzazz to your letter. I like to use my Cuttlebug and emboss the flap of the envelope with designs. I also emboss with a ‘frame’ embosser which leaves the middle flat to enter the address, works like a charm and looks fantastic with the embossing all around the edge!
Decorating the front and back is fun too. I like to seal the envelope with deco tape when I mail Friendship Books or bags as just a little extra security. We’ve all received a letter that’s been accidently torn open it’s a disappointment for everyone involved!

Happy Pen Palling!


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