Cheats for writing 'Calligraphy'

Quick Cheating Calligraphy!
Hi Everyone!
I took a Calligraphy class several years ago with my girlfriend. We both decided to change our everyday handwriting to Calligraphy!

We worked out a way to make our handwriting LOOK fancy without all the time and effort of doing the actual lettering.  Can you imagine the looks you’d get writing a check in Calligraphy?  Here is what we learned / taught ourselves.

In Article number two… Using a ‘Stop’, I discussed how to finish lower case letters. Cheat Calligraphy takes this to another step. Instead of just finishing the letters under the stop…. Make them long and anything under the line curves towards the left, and anything above the line curves to the right (except any capitalized letter which the under line stroke with be to the right).

Then the only letters you have to actually do in Calligraphy are your Capital letters!

Another easy cheat is ‘Your Own Handwriting Font’  

I have neuropathy from doing years of chemo and have trouble feeling my hands. Sometimes typing is my only option. With this program, it is YOUR handwriting as a font making it seem you wrote it when you actually typed it! Best of all.. it's free!

Hope you enjoy these easy ‘cheats’ for Calligraphy!

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