What is a Label Bag, Sticker Bag, Memo Bag, Goody Bag, Round Robin?

What is a Label Bag? Sticker Bag? Memo Bag? Goody Bag? Round Robin?

http://www.lettersets.com/shelley/pages/fb/lb.html Label Bag explained.

http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/115328 Sticker Bag Explained

Memo Bag... just like sticker bags and label bags except using decorated post it notes and/ or memo sheets.

Goody Bags... just like above except get creative! I put in little bags of glitter, buttons, beads, pieces of ribbon, cute Hello Kitty Band Aids, coffee tubes, stickers, templates, mini envies, colored envies, note cards, small rubber stamp, feathers, shaped paper clips the list goes on and on!

In a round robin swap there is a flight sheet w/ everyones name on it.
The first person (me) sends x amount of the game we are playing to the 2nd person on the list. She signs them & sends them to the third person. When the last person on the flight sheet gets them she uses them however but the game is over. In a round robin you do not have to contribute anything, just sign & pass to the next person on the flight sheet. I hope this helps.

When you exchange snail mails with your pen pals, you may receive a kind of small booklet made by hand, with many names and addresses signed in. It is a friendship book, FB in short. The format of FBs is unlimited, you can make FBs of whatever colors or designs you like. When you start swapping, you can get FBs of a great variety of designs. An FB takes long time to return to the person it was made for.

Crams look like FBs, too. But you don't write any informations about yourself other than your name and address. There are not only snail mail FBs but e-mail ones. You sign them and forward them to your swappers

Decos and sticker slams:
Decos (or deco FBs) mean decorated FBs.When you receive decos,you have one whole page to sign in. You decorate it with cutouts of magazines and sign your name.

Sticker slams (or sticker FBs) are similar to decos. The difference is that you decorate the page with stickers instead of cutouts of magazines.

A slam is a small booklet as well as an FB, but there is a space to sign your name (usually on the first page) and there are some questions on the rest pages. For example: "Who is your favorite singer?" "Would you like more pals?" and so on.

There are symbol slams, too. You write a symbol (Such as @,*) with your name and put it beside the sentenses you think is true of you. For example, if you read "You would like more pals" and you would, sign your symbol.

There are e-slams as well as e-fbs. The system is basically the same.


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